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Thyroid Throu Series - Cure Thyroid Disease 甲狀腺病專門醫


Accept Online Paypal Payment by Credit Cards in USD (for HKD click here).
For Singapore delivery and SG$ purchase, please visit Singapore official site.

We do local and international courier service after your online mail order below. (special offer per treatment ended)
Quick CheckOut: get 2 treatments at standard value, 3rd treatment is 50%off, click <here>
One treatment (T) contains 6 boxes.

Currently Thy-tune is available for order only. Stock is available for Thy-tune.
Difference between Thy-tune and HealthGuard T18:

1. HealthGuard T18 - registered in Singapore, conformed to national standard, worldwide recognized at higher standard. (for order outside HK)
2. Thy-tune - with nutrients label. (for order within HK)

3. You can order Thy-tune the NewTT within and outside Hong Kong for personal preference. Please check local customs requirement.

(HealthGuard T18)

Select Item input details -->Select Payment Method --> Proceed Checkout, create a/c if required --> Confirm & Collect Card Payment Ref. No.

HG T18 Standard 2+1 special (Buy 2T, 3rd T 50%off)
Promo: US$1,050.00
Thy-Tune (New Ver.of Thyroid Throu) 2+1 special (Buy 2T, 3rd T 50%off)
Promo: US$1,050.00
HG-T18 Standard Treatment Pack (order outside HK)
Thy-Tune (New Ver.of Thyroid Throu) Standard Treatment Pack
HG-T18 4-Treatment Promo Pack*
Promo: US$1,510.00
Insurance - Premium is 6.5% on total product value Yes & Understand
No & Understand

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Thyroid Throu Series - Cure Thyroid Disease 甲狀腺病專門醫


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