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Thyroid Throu Series - Cure Thyroid Disease 甲狀腺病專門醫


Frequently Asked Questions - Thyroid Throu

Q1. What is Thyroid Throu and the special of HealthGuard T18?

Thyroid Throu Series (TT series) is 100% made from Chinese Herbs without adding any chemical medicine, no known side effect. It is developed by nearly 20 famous Chinese Herbalists spending over 10 years in researching. Patients can take the series at home without prescription, proven effective with testimonials.
There are more than thousands of patients can be referenced.

TT obtained TGA certificate from Australia, FDA from USA, SGS and STC certificate from HK. In addition, HealthGuard T18 (HG T18) is specially registered/licenced and official approved by Singapore Government Health and Science Authority. In most countries, no organ and disease names can be used by law, therefore we usually take T18 at overseas.

The difference is Thyroid Throu is produced in China GMP pharmaceutical factory under Hong Kong registration. HealthGuard T18 is manufactured in Hong Kong GMP factory which the contents quality is conformed to Singapore Government and under Singapore registration.

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Thyroid Throu Series - Cure Thyroid Disease 甲狀腺病專門醫


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