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Thyroid Throu Series - Cure Thyroid Disease 甲狀腺病專門醫

Thyroid Treatment Series: 100% same ingredient. For Singapore delivery and SG$ purchase, please visit Singapore official site.

For S.E.Asia thyroid patients, and distribution inquiry, please email us for support.


Chinese Medicine Brings a New Concept to Cure Thyroid Disease

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has long 5000 history in the world. Formula of herbals for thyroid disease invented by the famous experts of internal medicine of endocrinology-thyroid from China Academic Organization for more than 10 years. Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are caused by the disorder of secretion in Hypothalamus => Pituitary => Thyroid gland.

Thyroid Throu (TT)

“Throu” (Through) in Chinese Herbalist means flowing smoothly and functions properly in body. Thyroid Throu (TT) & HealthGuard T18 (T18) is 100% made from Chinese Herbs without adding any chemical medicine. It is developed by famous Chinese Herbalists spending over 10 years in research.
See FAQ for its function and benefits, also read GCapsules treatment for goiter/thyroid nodules problem.

Thyroid Treatment Series: 100% same ingredient + worldwide delivery

Thyroid Throu (TT)
Distribution: Order Within Hong Kong
Manufactured in: China PRC
Registered in: Hong Kong

HealthGuard T18 (T18)
Distribution: Order Outside Hong Kong
Manufactured in: Hong Kong
Registered in: Singapore

Buy 2 Treatments standard value, 3rd T 50% off
You Save US$210
Buy Now

TT Per Treatment Contains: White Ginseng, Hymalayan Teasel Root, Wild Dendrobium Stem, Rx. Salviae Multiouhizae, Herbal Nerviliac, Thunberg Fritillary
Per Treatment Consumption: Basic 2 months.
Certificates/ Approval: Not contains chemical, toxic heavy metal, western drugs. Tests Approved.

Thyroid Throu Series - Cure Thyroid Disease 甲狀腺病專門醫


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