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Thyroid Throu Series - Cure Thyroid Disease 甲狀腺病專門醫
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Before and After Cases

Patient I

- Patient suffers from hyperthyroidism and nodules in neck for 31 years and was long treated with western treatment for 30 years. She got another nodule although having done the thyroidectomy.
- She has family doctor and Thyroid Throu is suggested by her doctor.
- After taking 5 treatments, left enlargement has disappeared that still amazes her and her doctor.

Patient II

- Patient had Iodine 131 treatment before. Her body bloated, and she felt very tired and wanted to close her business.
- Patient was lack of confident to take Thyroid Throu.
- After taking 3 treatments, swollen problem disappeared, and she feel like comfortable and energetic. Now she opens another new shop

Patient III

- Patient is with very hard nodules on neck. Her doctor tells her there is no way but to have thyroid operation.
- Patient asks TT many times “Does it work?” But, her attitude changes to be very excited after taking 4 treatments.
- Now, her nodules get smaller and smaller.

Patient IV

- Patient’s TT4 is as higher as 500, she felt extremely uncomfortable, even wanted to commit suicide.
- She knew Thyroid Throu, just wanted to try!
- After taking 2 boxes of Thyroid Throu, she feels very comfortable inside body. Now, all the test reports are normal and nodules become soft and gone.

Thyroid Throu Series - Cure Thyroid Disease 甲狀腺病專門醫


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